Slip and Fall Sidewalk Liability

Who is responsible for a slip and fall on a city sidewalk in Georgia? Learn about slip and fall sidewalk liability in this educational video.


Can I sue a city or county for a slip and fall on a faulty sidewalk in Georgia?


People often want to know whether they can sue a city or a county for an injury that occured when they may have fallen on a curb or a public sidewalk. The answer is it is possible, but it’s much harder than suing a private entity. Governmental entities have a lot of protections and what are called “immunities” under the law. However, if they fail to maintain items under their control in an appropriate fashion, a lawsuit can be filed against them and a claim can be pursued. These are different cases in that there are different steps that you have to take to sue a municipality. One of the main things that you have to do is give what is called an ante litem notice to the governmental entity within a certain period of time (generally, 6 months), putting them on notice of what this potential claim may be.

If you’ve been injured on a sidewalk or curb of some sort that’s maintained by a governmental entity and you want to know if you have a personal injury claim, please contact us so we can investigate the claim, make that determination, and help you preserve all the evidence necessary to pursue such a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident in Georgia, you may have questions about slip and fall sidewalk liability.
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