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Car accidents are frightening and often cause catastrophic injury. Suffering a car accident is traumatic. Finding out your accident was due to carelessness or negligence is incomprehensible.

We are here to help you with free legal advice.

You don’t need money to get answers to your legal questions. Simply call our Atlanta car accident lawyer to schedule a free consultation.Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

This page will give you information about your car accident claim. We’ll go over the most common mistakes people make in Atlanta in car accident cases. We’ll also provide additional information through a client story.

Make sure you read to the end to learn as much as possible about your claim.

Common Car Accident Claim Mistakes

There are several ways people commonly damage the value of their car accident claims. Check out each of the mistake listed below to guard against making the same missteps in your claim.

Failing to See a Doctor

A common mistake we see in Atlanta car accident cases is failing to get checked by a medical professional after an accident. This is often because people don’t feel the true depth of pain from their injuries until hours later.

In today’s society, we don’t often need the shot of adrenaline the body gets during emergencies that hampers pain and provides a surge of energy. Yet, this biological response prevails after traumatic events, leading some people to think they’re fine when they’re not.

Always let a doctor assess your condition after a car accident. It will protect your physical wellbeing and safeguard your accident claim.

Even if you get to a doctor after waiting a day or two, the insurance company responsible for compensating you can suggest you mustn’t be hurt that badly, since you were able to wait. Or, they may suggest that you could have gotten injured a day or two after the accident under unrelated circumstances.

If you skip the doctor check altogether, again the insurance company will have grounds to contest your claim. This time they might contend that you aren’t injured at all.

Make sure you get to the doctor as soon as you can to get your injuries on record in a timeframe that coincides with the accident. This record will become a solid piece of evidence for your claim.

Not Adhering to Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

Another mistake we see people make is failing to stick to their doctor’s treatment plan. It’s critical to be diligent about your treatment plan. This may mean getting proper rest and refraining from strenuous tasks, keeping therapy appointments, completing medication properly, or any combination of these.

If you don’t take your treatment plan seriously, the insurance company will again have an opening to try and blame you for your condition. Build your strongest claim by sticking to your doctor’s orders.

Allowing the Insurance Company to Record Your Statement

It’s standard practice for the insurance company to ask for your recorded statement. It’s also crucial to understand that doing so is a bad idea.

The insurance company is not trying to help you. They are not trying to speed up your compensation. They are looking for any information they can use against you. They are looking to lower the value of your claim, or, better yet, to get it dismissed.

Don’t give them the chance. Many people think they will get in trouble if they refuse to speak to the insurance company. They worry that they’ll mess up their claim when the opposite is actually true.

You can either refuse to answer the phone or you can tell the insurance adjuster you will not discuss the case and hang up. Let your Atlanta car accident lawyer handle communications with the insurance company.

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Waiting to Hire an Attorney

We see a lot of people drag their feet on finding a lawyer. They look up the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim and believe they’ve got all the time in the world. This is a mistake.

The sooner you find a lawyer with the experience you need, the more evidence you will have to support your claim. This includes witness testimony.

If you wait even a few months to find an attorney and file a claim, evidence and witnesses can disappear. In addition, witness memories will only get fuzzier with the passage of time. Build your strongest case by getting started as soon as you are able.

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Waiting to Hire an Attorney

We see a lot of people drag their feet on finding a lawyer. They look up the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim and believe they’ve got all the time in the world. This is a mistake.

The sooner you find a lawyer with the experience you need, the more evidence you will have to support your claim. This includes witness testimony.

If you wait even a few months to find an attorney and file a claim, evidence and witnesses can disappear. In addition, witness memories will only get fuzzier with the passage of time. Build your strongest case by getting started as soon as you are able.

Choosing the Wrong Attorney

Don’t make the mistake of thinking any lawyer will do. Choose your Atlanta car accident lawyer according to the needs of your claim, just as you would choose a doctor according to your medical needs. The best person to handle your car accident claim is a personal injury trial lawyer who has a record of winning car accident cases in front of a jury.

This doesn’t mean your case will go to trial. In fact, most cases are settled out of court. If your claim doesn’t settle, however, you’ll need someone who can successfully handle a trial.

In addition, by hiring a successful trial attorney, you just might save your case from needing to go all the way to trial. Insurance companies are often familiar with the successful trial attorneys in their region. The reputation of these lawyers alone sometimes causes insurance companies to rethink taking their chances with a jury.

Either way, you’ll only strengthen your case by hiring a personal injury trial lawyer with a successful record in the courtroom.

Atlanta Car Accident Client Story

Atlanta Car Accident LawyerThe story below is intended to give you additional facts about your car accident claim. We’ve changed names and specifics to protect the identity of our client, but the informational value remains. Please read it through to get the most out of it. When you’re done, please give us a call to schedule your free consultation, so we can talk about your specific claim.

On a sunny day in March not long ago, Arlene Stokes put on her best “interview suit,” as her kids called it. It included dark, gray, wide-leg cotton pants, a classic, poplin button-down in cream, and low-heeled but stylish ankle boots. She topped the whole thing off with a chunky necklace with a large pendant.

“Mom, you look like a hundred buckth,” lisped Allie, hugging her leg. Her two front teeth had recently come out and she was fond of showing off her wide, toothless grin.

“Thanks, baby,” Arlene said, laughing. “Today might be the lucky day,” Arlene said, hugging Allie back. “Let’s get you and Cee-Cee to school now so Mama can get to her interview.”

Arlene had been laid off for over a month now, and money was stretched very thin. This was her third interview this week, and she felt good about this one.

After dropping the girls at school, Arlene headed south toward the clothing store she hoped to get hired to manage. Her resume might not include a bachelor’s degree, but relevant experience she had—in spades. She laughed, thinking back over a dozen years managing a similar store in Philly. You just never knew what would come through the door on any given day. That’s what made it interesting.

Arlene touched the pendant hanging around her neck. She’d bought it at this very boutique. “Subliminal marketing,” she thought to herself, with a giggle, turning right onto Memorial Drive.

She was struck by a black pickup she never saw coming.When the ambulance took Arlene to the hospital, police on the scene were struck by what was missing—skid marks. The driver never hit the brakes. Driving with a suspended license, the guy had been in the middle of a text when he flew right through the light. He hadn’t even realized it until the moment of impact.

Arlene was taken to the hospital. She’d managed to tell paramedics about her children before losing consciousness. The hospital was able to contact her mother, Ada, to pick up the girls.

Arlene spent the next month in the hospital. The truck had struck the driver’s side passenger door, missing a direct hit to Arlene by a fraction of a second. She was lucky to be alive.

Just the same, Arlene suffered multiple injuries that would render her unable to work for months. She suffered a traumatic brain injury from a severe concussion, a neck sprain, and two cracked vertebrae.

Ada brought the girls to the hospital to visit their mother every day. The doctors told her that they hoped for a full recovery, but time would tell.

At the start of the third week, the doctors agreed that Arlene was on track to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility at the end of the month. She was looking at weeks of physical and occupational therapy.

“You need to take it slow, to give your brain and spine time to heal,” the neurologist cautioned. “We’re also watching for any delayed effects from your brain injury. But, so far so good, Arlene; we’re looking for steady forward progress, and that’s what we’ve got.”

Arlene’s perennially sunny outlook wavered as she watched the doctor leave the room. She knew he was right, but she was overwhelmed with anxiety. Her savings, previously stretched thin, were now precarious at best. Who would pay the rent? How would she buy groceries? How on earth was she going to pay for all of this?

Ada passed the doctor as she headed up the hall to her daughter’s room. The girls were in school, but she needed to see her own baby. No matter how old Arlene was, she’d always be her baby.

“And how is my baby today?” she asked, sweeping into the room with a bright smile. Seeing her daughter’s distraught face, she pulled a chair close and took her hand. “What is it, Lena? Talk to your mama. Are you in pain? You want me to get the doctor?”

Arlene was sobbing now. She said that no, she wasn’t in pain, only worried about the future.

Ada listened attentively while her daughter shared her concerns. When she finished, Arlene felt better, just for having Ada to talk to. The bright smile then spread over Ada’s face once more, like the sun breaking through the clouds, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Arlene sniffed and wiped her eyes with a tissue. “What, Mama, what are you up to?”

“Well, Reverend had a little collection at church yesterday. Everyone pitched in and they gave me these for you,” she said, handing her daughter an envelope stuffed full of grocery store gift cards.

“And after the service, Mrs. Davis came up with those strapping boys of hers, and she offered for the boys help to move you and the girls into my house while you’re in rehab. There’s plenty of room and having the girls staying with me has made me realize how lonely I’ve been.”

Arlene was crying again, but happy tears this time. “One more thing,” Ada said, patting her daughter’s hand. “Mr. Davis gave us a business card. Said you should call.”

And that’s how we met Arlene and her family. When she called us to schedule a free consultation, Arlene said she had three main concerns. She wanted to know how much it would cost to hire us, what her case was worth, and how long it would take.

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How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?

We met Arlene and Ada the next day. Arlene began as Ada made notes.

“So, how much would it cost to hire you?” Arlene asked as we sat down.

We explained that we don’t charge anything upfront, because we work on a contingency fee model. “This means we don’t get paid unless we resolve your claim successfully,” our lawyer said.

How much is my car accident case worth?

“Well, that’s good news!” Ada said. “And what do you think Arlene’s case is worth?”

“That is very difficult to predict at the beginning of a case. Every case is unique, and we’ll need some information to determine the value of yours, Arlene.

“First, we’ll need to do a thorough accident investigation. This means speaking to witnesses, doing research, and gathering evidence. Next, we’ll need you to reach maximum medical improvement. This means reaching a level of recovery at which your doctors would consider you ‘back to normal.’ If you can’t reach that level of recovery, then you’ll need to reach what your doctors consider to be your ‘new normal.’

“It will mean you’re finished with operations and that we know what the future of your medical care is going to involve regarding your accident injuries.

“When you reach maximum medical improvement, we’ll understand your damages, both economic and non-economic. That is the point at which we’ll be able to tell you what your case is worth.

“All of this may seem overwhelming, Arlene, but just know that your job is to focus on recovery. Get all the rest you can, and follow your doctors’ treatment plan. Take all your meds, go to all of your therapy appointments and get any other treatments your doctors order.”

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Arlene did in fact look overwhelmed, but she was comforted to realize that all she had to do was rest and listen to her doctors. “When you put it that way,” she said to our lawyer, “I’m just glad I don’t have your job.”

Everyone laughed, and Arlene added, “How long do you think my case would take?”

“Again, it’s hard to predict. And that’s because again, we’re looking at two factors. First, how long it takes for you to reach maximum medical improvement. Once you’re there, we’ll send the insurance company a demand letter for your damages. If they respond well— meaning in a way that is fair and reasonable— your case moves ahead to an efficient resolution.

“If they don’t want to arrive at a fair settlement, we take them to court. Don’t worry about this possibility, though. Our firm is made up of trial lawyers with a long and successful record of taking personal injury claims like yours to trial. The insurance companies know our name.

“In fact, our reputation is known well enough that insurance companies have been known to settle just to avoid coming up against us at trial. There’s no guarantee your case won’t go to court, but if it does, we’ll be more than up to the challenge.

“That’s why no matter who you choose to be your attorney, we always recommend a personal injury trial attorney with a successful track record.”

Arlene and her mom were content with the answers we gave them and retained us that day. Today, we can happily say that we got Arlene more than six times the amount the insurance company originally offered.

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We hope this story has given you further insight into your car accident claim. Keep in mind that every case is different, and we’d love to help you get answers about yours. Please take us up on a free legal consultation today. You don’t have to do this alone. Call today and let us help.