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5 Arthur Boccuti via

Mr. Gunnels understood the exasperation I felt with the legal process and the personal pain I was enduring. He clearly understands the details and the timing of what was for me a long complicated process. His advise was clear and succinct and often showed patience and excellent timing. He led me through to a favorable conclusion of my case. I’m pleased to recommend him and his law firm.

5 Brandy Daniel via

The Gunnels Law Firm handled my personal injury case. I was in a car accident and the insurance company for the at fault party was the worse to deal with! I felt at ease the first day meeting Luis. He was welcoming and very professional. This firm is very attentive to their clients. I was pleased with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend them!!!

5 Carter via

As the liaison between our government finance company and other various attorneys, I deal with those in the legal profession on a daily basis. I am fairly certain I can distinguish a quality lawyer from an amateur. Procuring Mr Gunnel’s services for a personal matter, I found him to be both professional and knowledgeable, and I am convinced he had nothing but my best interests in mind. We were being threatened by a former employer for mentioning them as past work experience, which I found to be a frivolous statement. After legal action was threatened, Mr Gunnels was eager to help. He worked extremely hard with my case and I found it remarkable how much extra time he put in, most of which was not reflected on the bill. I would recommend Mr Gunnels to anyone looking for legal counsel. He is one of the only attorneys I will go to.

5 M.C. Musgrove via

I was referred to The Gunnels Law Firm by a Friend, and since our first communication, Chris and Luis have been both supportive and Knowledgeable. I DO recommend them to anyone that needs professional assistance with there case!

5 Naomi via

Personally, I am one who tries to resolve matters without getting lawyers involved; however, in one case I was unable to do so. Chris came highly recommended by a friend of mine and he turned out to be not only reliable and extremely knowledgeable, but also such a personable and caring lawyer. He resolved my personal matter very quickly, allowing me to win my case and allow me to feel safe again. I would definitely recommend him to someone looking for a GOOD and STRONG lawyer and, even though I hope to never need a lawyer again, I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again if needed!

5 Dan via

When I started my small business several years ago I never imagined that I would ever need an attorney. Recently, I found myself in a situation with a customer where I was quickly over my head and knew that I needed help.

Frankly, the thought of finding and engaging with an attorney was almost as scary as the issue I was muddling through. I met Chris Gunnels through a referral from another attorney. I found Chris to be very personable and interested in my case. All along the way he has been very professional, courteous, and timely, and he worked hard to resolve this potentially devastating issue in the best possible way for my company.

I hope I never go through another situation like this again. But, if I do I will not hesitate to call on Chris.

5 William via

As a former member of a large corporations loss prevention team I was named in a lawsuit for inappropriate conduct. When contacted by Mr. Gunnels I was unaware of the lawsuit and didn’t have an attorney. Mr. Gunnels went to bat for me and contacted the corporation to provide me counsel. Once Mr. Gunnels became my legal counsel, he went right to work. He traveled over 3 hours to review video and get my testimony. Mr. Gunnels kept me updated every step of the way to the eventual voluntary dismissal by the plaintiffs.

5 Mark via

Chris has been such an amazing lawyer and contact for me and my business. He is always looking out for my best interest and is very quick to respond to any questions that I may have. There are never any surprises and he is straight to the point. Chris also has lots of high quality referrals so no matter what you are dealing with, he can find someone to help. I’m so thankful that I found Chris and I’m looking forward to growing my business with him at my side.

5 Debby via

Chris was very personable and made sure he understood our company thoroughly before attempting to proceed with our defense. He was always so polite and respectful. Chris explained everything about the case in detail so that we could understand it easily. How nice!! I hope I never ever need an attorney again, but… If I do, I will call Chris Gunnels. Our company settled out of court, which was a win, win for both sides. Thanks again, Chris. Debby

5 Maureen via

Chris was referred to us from another attorney. He was extremely responsible throughout the litigation process which lasted approximately 4 months. Chris did an excellent job explaining the process, associated legalities, the risks and possible outcomes. He was very responsive to our correspondence and kept all parties on track. It was a personal matter to which he was sensitive, yet informative and transparent. I would recommend Chris, as well as consult with Chris in the future.

5 Tara via

Chris was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. He handled my divorce case with the perfect mix of caring, serious getting down to business, and levity, making a bad situation much easier to handle. He was very knowledgeable about everything, helping me avoid having to go to court, while securing a favorable outcome. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who needs legal representation.

5 Scotty via

Chris Gunnels was hired by me through a friend after my accident in 2015. I was involved in an accident that was a life changer for me and my family. I ended up having surgery I fell behind tremendously on bills. Chris was dedicated and involved in my financial obligations and went far beyond to assist me to getting things caught up. When things were all said and done I walked away with a settlement that was able to help me get all of my debts paid in full and to have a massive nest egg just Incase anything like this was to ever happen again. Thank you Chris for going above and beyond my expectations and the time invested in my life on a personal and business level I will be forever grateful.

5 anonymous via

I was referred to Chris from another attorney who basically sold me on my decision by telling me how hard Chris works. How calculated he is with his motions. It’s an open canvas that he turns into a Picasso! How dedicated he is to the clients that he chooses to work with. Chris is a man of character and integrity which is important in a world full of attorneys that elude those characteristics or sell those traits for the almighty dollar. I must say, I admire his perception of the law and his diligence in his motions and the intuition that he has with his offensive strategy. To be a great lawyer, you have to submerge yourself in your clients case, and you must take the initiative to get to know your client. How can you represent me if u don’t know me, if you have no idea of how I think or my idealology and perception of life and circumstance? Chris takes the time to get to know you and understand your story which I think is imperative to the outcome of your case. We were constantly in communication, I was always “in the loop “with progression and information pertaining to my case. Mr Gunnels went above and beyond with my lawsuit and although the judge is making a decision in the next few weeks, I’m confident that we put our best strategies and work towards the outcome that we desire. Chris is definitely a people’s person and …. I’m not, so I also learned a lot about perception and impressions that we leave on those that we come into contact with. Any case that I have from this point forward will go to Rohan/Gunnels law firm and all of my recommendations will be sent their way as well. It was my honor to work and learn from this gentleman. The force is strong with him and I strongly advise you to hire him if you want to be impressed. A lot of these lawyers are full of TIHS and they are money hungry sharks preying on your desperation and lack of knowledge pertaining to the law! Chris is an Angel amongst a field of demons. Just come correct and be honest, it helps! God Bless