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We provide those who have been injured due to the negligence of others with the knowledge and experience needed to recover the full compensation allowed by law.

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The Gunnels Law Firm, LLC is a civil law practice dedicated entirely to advocating for victims’ rights. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, we can help you recover the maximum compensation allowed by law. Insurance companies pay hundreds of millions of dollars every year to attorneys, investigators, and experts whose sole mission is to prevent injured people from recovering adequate compensation for their injuries. Injury victims need an experienced professional to fight for them. The Gunnels Law Firm, LLC will make sure your voice is heard and your rights are protected. Founding attorney Christopher D. Gunnels is a former insurance attorney who now represents injury victims exclusively. Let The Gunnels Law Firm, LLC put its experience to work for you.

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Our world is not always a safe place.

Our world is often not a safe place. Now, more than ever, the people who surround us in our everyday lives are frequently in a state of distraction. With text-messaging, emails, music, and the Internet constantly at our fingertips, car wrecks and other types of accidents are at an all-time high.

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Injuries happen often.

Having an injury caused by the carelessness of another thrust into our lives can cause massive disruption and hardship. From medical expenses and lost income to being forced to navigate your daily responsibilities while dealing with severe pain, if you are fortunate enough to be able to function at all, we see the real life consequences of negligence every day.

Our legal system can help you.

Fortunately, our legal system provides remedies to those who have been injured by the negligence of another person. A person who has been injured by another is entitled to be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disruption of life, among other things. Navigating these claims, however, is not a do-it-yourself task.
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We are on your side.

Individuals who have injured others and the insurance companies that represent them have lawyers whose sole focus will be to reduce the compensation you receive by as much as possible. These insurance companies promote a friendly image through their advertising campaigns, but make no mistake, they are big business and the less money they pay to compensate victims the more money they make. Their bottom line, not the needs of their insureds’ victims, is the main focus of these companies.

About Chris

Chris Gunnels

Chris Gunnels, the founder of The Gunnels Law Firm, has spent his entire career in the arena of personal injury law. After many years of representing insurance companies and other businesses in claims made by injury victims, he was called to utilize his litigation and trial skills to help injured individuals who need help. Having spent many years on the other side of the process, Mr. Gunnels has a unique perspective on how things work on the other side of the aisle and what truly motivates insurance companies and other businesses to pay full compensation to injury victims. This knowledge and experience has led to consistently outstanding results for our clients.


At the Gunnels Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing fearless pursuit of justice for each of our clients who has trusted us during their time need. If you have been injured by the actions of another person, please contact us for a free evaluation of your claim. We only receive compensation when you do and our clients are never required to pay us out of their own pockets.

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