Slip and Fall Due To Faulty Stairs

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Can I recover compensation if I slip and fall due to faulty stairs?


We’re often contacted by people who have been injured after a fall on a staircase who want to know if they have a potential personal injury claim. Staircase matters are unique in that people often slip or trip on staircases for a reason that has nothing to do with the negligence of another person. Most staircase falls are simply due to the carelessness or rushing of a person who’s going downstairs; it doesn’t have anything to do with someone else doing something wrong. In those situations, there’s no personal injury claim to pursue.

However, in some situations, a fall may occur because a staircase is not up to applicable regulations or has not been maintained in an appropriate form and, therefore, has become defective and dangerous. In those situations, we oftentimes can pursue a personal injury matter. It’s important in situations where you’ve been injured in a fall on a staircase to immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney. That attorney can locate and determine the appropriate standards for maintaining staircases and building staircases to evaluate whether there is a claim or not and evaluate who the potential parties are that may be liable for these falls.

If you have been injured in a fall on a staircase, please give us a call so we can begin investigating and preserving evidence in order to maintain your claim and present it in the best possible light.

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident in Georgia, you may have questions about receiving compensation for a slip and fall due to faulty stairs.
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