Who Is Liable in a Dog Bite Claim?

Who Is Liable in a Dog Bite ClaimBeing attacked by a dog has the potential to harm you both physically and emotionally. It can be a traumatizing experience. As a result, you’ll probably be looking for who is responsible. When your injuries are significant, it’s only right that you receive compensation. If you are wondering, “Who is liable in a dog bite claim?”, read this article and then contact our office to get started on your case.

Who Is Liable in a Dog Bite Claim? | Finding the At-Fault Party

In order to successfully bring a case against a dog owner, you have to prove that they knew that their dog had a propensity to attack. Georgia is a negligence state, meaning that your case rides on the fact that you have to prove that there was negligence involved that lead to your dog bite. That dog owner would have had to have knowledge that their dog might hurt someone, and they would have had to been careless about protecting people from their dog. For example, if someone has a dangerous dog and has neglected to put a proper gate lock on their gate to keep their dog in their yard and that animal comes and attacks you, they would be held responsible for your injuries.

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Who Is Liable in a Dog Bite Claim? | Common Types of Injuries

As mentioned, dog attacks have the potential to cause permanent damage. When a dog attacks, they can cause a number of injuries. You should always check to see if the dog is up on their rabies vaccinations and has had all necessary shots so that you know if you are at risk for infection. The most common types of dog bite injuries include damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves which might affect you for the rest of your life. You may have scarring and disfigurement permanently as well. Other common injuries include broken or fractured bones from falling if the dog takes you down, infection from the dog, and lacerations.

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