Three Questions About Car Accident Cases

Three Questions About Car Accident CasesIf you have any questions about car accident cases in Georgia, the experienced attorneys at The Gunnels Law Firm would be more than happy to answer them for you. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule a free consultation. In the meantime, here are three questions about car accident cases that are commonly asked by our clients.

Car Accident Cases | How Much Is My Case Worth?

That’s a very difficult question to answer because there’s so many variables to the value of a case. A case is generally going to depend on things such as the amount of the medical expenses, the permanency of the injury, and how much it’s disrupted your life.

In Georgia, things that you can recover for personal injury are special damages, which are lost wages and the value of medical expenses. You can also recover what’s called non-economic damages, which includes things such as pain and suffering and the disruption of your life. Those are the categories that you’re looking at in terms of how much your case is worth.

Another limiting factor in the value of your case is the concept of at-fault liability insurance. Your case is generally going to be capped out, in terms of value, at the amount of liability insurance the at-fault driver has, unless you have some uninsured motorist coverage of your own, which we highly recommend.

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Car Accident Cases | How Long Will My Case Take?

One of the first questions people ask us when they come to us for a car wreck claim is how long it will take to resolve their case. The answer varies greatly depending on the severity of the injuries and whether liability is disputed or not. What we like to do is have our clients finish their treatment and we’re then ready to submit a demand to the insurance company.

If you’re in a car wreck and you want to file a lawsuit, you have two years from the date of the wreck to do so. When you don’t file within that time period, you lose the right to file that claim. For example, you have an injury and you treat for three or four months and then you’re back to normal. Oftentimes, those cases can be resolved within two or three months after the time period where you finish treating. If you have a more significant injury, those cases go into the litigation system. Once there, they may take six to 18 months to resolve before we can get them taken care of.

Car Accident Cases | Do I Need a Certain Amount of Medical Bills to File a Claim?

Some cases can have significant injuries and relatively minor medical expenses, and those cases are worth pursuing. Other cases can have minor injuries and minor expense and not be worth pursuing. For example, we may have a case where the only injury someone sustained is a gash to their forehead, and all they had in medical expenses was the expense of having it stitched up, but they’re left with a permanent and visible facial scar, and that’s the type of injury that has some compensation value. Those cases are worth pursuing, even though you may only have a small amount of medical expenses.

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