Recovering Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Recovering Motorcycle Accident CompensationIf you have been involved in a collision with another vehicle while riding a motorcycle, you may have several questions about recovering motorcycle accident compensation. At Gunnels Injury Law , our experienced Atlanta injury attorneys have had great success handling motorcycle accident cases and recovering maximum compensation for our clients. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Recovering Motorcycle Accident Compensation | Injured as a Passenger

Recovering motorcycle accident compensation as a passenger is just the same as if you are injured as the driver. When someone injures you and you are the passenger in any type of motor vehicle, you may have a claim for damages. Even if you are the passenger on a motorcycle, you will have that claim just like you would have if you were a passenger in a car. The issue comes down to who the responsible party may be.

If it is the driver of the vehicle who was negligent, that would be the party you seek a claim against. If the party who caused the accident was a driver of another vehicle, that is the party you pursue a claim against. It’s important at the outset to evaluate these claims and make sure that we know who the liable party is and who the claim needs to be made against.

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Recovering Motorcycle Accident Compensation | Not Wearing a Helmet

We were recently asked by a person who had been injured in a motorcycle wreck case whether they could recover damages for their injuries even though they had not been wearing a helmet. The answer is, potentially, yes. Under Georgia law, a person is required to wear a helmet when they are riding a motorcycle. However, the failure to wear a helmet does not automatically extinguish a personal injury claim. In that scenario, your own personal negligence in not wearing a helmet gets weighed against the negligence of the person who caused the accident. It’s important to investigate these claims from the beginning and preserve all necessary evidence to make sure that you can present that claim in the most effective manner.

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