Premises Liability and Negligent Security

Premises Liability and Negligent SecurityPremises liability and negligent security often go hand in hand. When there is a lack of adequate security in a facility, that kind of negligence is considered to be premises liability. The owner of a property has an obligation to make sure that their facility is free of dangers, has adequate and the right kind of security.

Premises Liability and Negligent Security | Duty of the Property Owner

The way a property owner would be considered negligent is if they knew or should have reasonably known that there were things about their property that could have led to assault, theft, mugging, or other similar kinds of incidents but they did not do anything to help these things. The things they should have done include:

  • Making sure there was a trained security guard was on the premises
  • Having proper alarms and security systems installed
  • Making sure the parking lots are adequately lit
  • Fencing in the property
  • Having locks installed on gates
  • Keeping the number of keys for the property limited to trusted employees
  • Keeping the money in registers at a lower amount

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It is expected that the property owner be aware of the area’s history and crime rates so that they can be well informed about what to expect and what needs to be done to ensure that people are safe on their property. If there are violent crimes including rape, robbery, assault, or battery on a property that you do not own may mean you are eligible to bring a case against that property owner for negligent security. Your case will be eligible for compensation if the property owner had done nothing to prevent this incident from happening to you.

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