Negligent Security in Georgia

Negligent Security in GeorgiaNegligent security in Georgia is an issue that we here at Gunnels Injury Law take very seriously. Property owners have an obligation to make sure that their premises are safe from danger. If there is a known risk of robbery or violence in the area, then the property owner has a duty to make sure that proper security measures are taken. When that duty is breached, it can result in a negligent security claim.

Negligent Security in Georgia | Proper Safety Measures

We often see most negligent security incidents occur in store parking lots. This is often because proper safety measures were never taken, which puts the store’s customers and patrons at significant risk of danger. Even the most basic security measures are helpful. This includes:

  • Having a trained security guard on the premises
  • Installing proper alarms/security systems
  • Adequately lit parking lots
  • Fencing
  • Locks installed on gates

Negligent Security in Georgia | Duty of Care

It is expected that the property owner be aware of the area’s history and crime rates so that they can be well informed about what to expect and what needs to be done to ensure safety. If there are violent crimes including rape, robbery, assault and battery on a property, you are eligible to bring a case against that property owner for negligent security. Your case will be eligible for compensation if the property owner had done nothing to prevent this incident from happening to you.

The right lawyer will be able to guide you through your negligence security case. Our Atlanta negligent security lawyer has handled many cases like yours and knows the proper steps to ensuring that you have the strongest case possible. Please call our office today to set up your free initial consultation.