Mistakes in a Negligent Security Case

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Failing to Report to Authorities

Mistakes in a Negligent Security CaseWhen we are approached by potential clients who have a negligent security case, we often find that they have harmed their case without even knowing it. One thing that we see is that clients fail to report whatever has occurred to the proper authorities. It’s essential to call the police and have an accident or incident report prepared and to make sure that the police are investigating whatever crime has been committed. That helps us document the claim going forward, and also allows us to have a lot of assistance in investigating the claim, which can be beneficial to you and the claim once it goes to litigation.

Not Reporting Crime to Property Owner

Another thing we see clients fail to do is report the crimes that have occurred on the premises to the property owner. Whether this property is an apartment complex, a hotel, a restaurant, or a shopping center, it’s important to make sure that the crime that occurred is reported to the property owner so that it becomes documented in their internal files. Also, we see clients harm their cases by failing to immediately seek medical attention. It’s essential to immediately seek medical care if you have injuries. Often, what appears to be a minor injury can turn into a major injury, and we want to make sure those injuries are documented as close in time to the negligent security event as possible.

Hiring an Inexperienced Negligent Security Lawyer

Finally, we see people fail to hire the right attorney. If you hire an attorney who doesn’t know how to handle a negligent security matter and doesn’t know how to preserve the appropriate evidence, your case can disappear before you know it.

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