Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim

Filing a Bicycle Accident ClaimDo you need help filing a bicycle accident claim? The Atlanta personal injury trial lawyers at Gunnels Injury Law are ready to take on your case. We will make sure your rights are protected and compensation maximized as we exhaust every resource to make sure you recover the full damages you deserve. If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim | Statute of Limitations

With any successful case, you need to keep in mind the statute of limitations. This is the amount of time you legally have to bring your case or to settle it in civil court. You have to do this within the given amount of time, or you will no longer be eligible to bring your case. Georgia personal injury law allows two years from the date of the accident to bring or settle the claim in civil court. You should never wait to hire an attorney because you want to give them as much time as possible to build a strong case. There is a lot that can go missing if you wait which makes it harder to get you full and fair compensation.

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Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim | Contact an Experienced Attorney

If you have been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident and want dedicated, competent, and caring representation, please call our Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer today to set up a free consultation. We will get to work for you right away and ensure you have the best possible chance at a full and fair award. We will talk to your witnesses, collect and protect your evidence, and fight the insurance company to protect your rights. We have successfully handled many Atlanta bicycle accident cases just you’re your own and want to get you the same results. Call us today and see how we can help you.