Differences Between Motorcycle Accident Cases and Car Accident Cases

There are many differences between motorcycle accident cases and car accident cases in Georgia. Watch this video to learn more.


How does a motorcycle accident claim differ from an auto accident claim?


One question we’re frequently asked is whether motorcycle wreck cases are different than general car wreck cases. The answer is yes and no. Under Georgia law, motorcycle riders are required to follow the same rules of the road as someone driving a car or a truck; this means they also have the same protections as someone driving a car or a truck. However, the perception often is that motorcycle cases are different than car wreck cases since the injuries involved are often more significant. With regard to injuries, a person who’s riding a motorcycle doesn’t have the protections of a motor vehicle. They don’t have airbags. They don’t have anything to block impact. As a result, in many situations, motorcycle injury cases are far more severe than a general car wreck injury.

A very significant issue with motorcycle wreck cases is the public perception of motorcycle riders. I have heard people on my own juries say that they believe motorcycle riders are asking for it, or that motorcycle riders have a death wish. Things of that nature are the general perception of non-motorcycle riders in any given community. It’s important that you contact a lawyer who’s experienced with motorcycle cases and can effectively deal with jurors who may have these perceptions.

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If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle wreck in Georgia, you may have questions about the differences between motorcycle accident cases and car accident cases.
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