3 Negligent Security Tips

Have you been hurt due to the negligence of a property owner? Read these 3 negligent security tips, then call our Atlanta lawyer today.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Negligent Security Case

3 Negligent Security TipsWhen we are approached by potential clients who have a negligent security case, we often find that they have harmed their case without even knowing it. One thing that we see is that clients fail to report whatever has occurred to the proper authorities. It’s essential to call the police and have an accident or incident report prepared and to make sure that the police are investigating whatever crime has been committed. That helps us document the claim going forward, and also allows us to have a lot of assistance in investigating the claim, which can be beneficial to you and the claim once it goes to litigation.

Another thing we see clients fail to do is report the crimes that have occurred on the premises to the property owner. Whether this property is an apartment complex, a hotel, a restaurant, or a shopping center, it’s important to make sure that the crime that occurred is reported to the property owner so that it becomes documented in their internal files. Also, we see clients harm their cases by failing to immediately seek medical attention. It’s essential to immediately seek medical care if you have injuries. Often, what appears to be a minor injury can turn into a major injury, and we want to make sure those injuries are documented as close in time to the negligent security event as possible.

Finally, we see people fail to hire the right attorney. If you hire an attorney who doesn’t know how to handle a negligent security matter and doesn’t know how to preserve the appropriate evidence, your case can disappear before you know it.

Choosing a Negligent Security Attorney

One type of case we are seeing more and more often is what is known as a negligent security case. Negligent security cases arise when a person in injured on the location of a business because the business did not provide adequate security to keep them safe. For example, if a business knows that they are having a problem with crime in their parking lot, they are not allowed to just ignore it and leave their customers to their own devices to make sure they are safe. The business is required to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of their customers.

If a business fails to do that or doesn’t do it adequately, and someone is injured, that person may have a negligent security claim against the business. These cases are extremely difficult to work up and require a lot of specialized knowledge. It’s very important to make sure that if you believe you have a personal injury claim arising out of negligent security, that you hire an attorney that has experience handling these cases and successfully resolving them. At the Gunnels Injury Law , we have spent a lot of time working on negligent security cases and know how to work them through to successful conclusions.

Another thing that’s very important for you in hiring a lawyer for any type of personal injury case, including negligent security cases, is to make sure that you have an attorney that knows how the insurance system works. I spent much of my early career representing insurance companies. I realized that I was on the wrong side of these cases, and I would much rather be helping people who have been injured. I can now take the knowledge that I have working for insurance companies and put it to use for my clients because I know how to get the insurance company’s attention and I know how their systems work.

Finally, it’s important in any type of personal injury case, including negligent security cases, to make sure you have an attorney who can take a case to trial. Most cases settle before trial. However, there are times when insurance companies will simply not issue a fair offer and a trial becomes necessary. Unfortunately, there are many attorneys who will not try cases, and insurance companies know this. Those attorneys are never going to get the best possible offers or resolution for their clients because the insurance companies are not afraid of those attorneys taking them to trial.

At the Gunnels Injury Law , we pride ourselves on our trial skills and are frequently in court trying cases. We know how to present a case to a jury, and we know how to maximize results by doing so.

Negligent Security Recorded Statement

If somebody is the victim of a crime that could lead to a negligent security claim, the insurance carrier for the property owner will often ask the injured party to provide a recorded statement. We are often asked if this is a good idea, and the answer is always no. Don’t ever give such a statement. While you think you may be doing your case a service, you are actually harming it. While you are not familiar with this process and don’t know what to expect, the insurance company will use a trained claims examiner who will ask questions in a manner that may get you to misrepresent what truly occurred. This could harm your case as it goes forward. Don’t ever give an insurance company a recorded statement if you don’t have a lawyer present. There is nothing to be gained by doing this, and you have no obligation to provide such a statement.

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