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Wrongful Death Case Value

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How much is a wrongful death claim worth?


When we have clients come in who have lost a family member and are thinking of pursuing a wrongful death claim, one of the things that they want to know is the value of their claim. Wrongful Death Case Value Under Georgia Law, the family or estate of a person who was wrongfully deceased is entitled to what is called the full value of the life of that person. It really comes down to what a jury thinks the value of that life is, and cannot be determined early on. You can’t determine those things until you’ve had an attorney build that case to try to show what the value of that life was. In a lot of ways, it is built on showing how much that person meant to other people in his or her life. That takes a lot of time and effort to work up, to be able to show that evidence to a jury. There’s really not a good way to calculate that, other than building it up and having an experienced attorney.

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