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Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

Watch this video about the truck accident settlement timeline in Georgia to find out how long your case will take. Call our office to learn more.
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How long will my truck accident case take?


Truck Accident Settlement TimelineWe are frequently asked in trucking cases how long it’s going to take to resolve the case. The answer to that question is it varies from case to case. In comparison to a general car wreck case, a commercial truck case will often take much more time to resolve than a car wreck case does. That’s because commercial truck cases are often a lot more evidence-intensive than a car wreck case. With a car wreck case, there is often clear liability. That’s not always the case in trucking accidents.

Additionally, because there are different regulations that apply to truck drivers and to truck owners, it’s important that you work through and you find out all the information about whether they complied with those obligations. For a trucking case, if there are very significant injuries, you can expect one of those cases to have to be put into litigation, which, from that point, would probably mean you can expect a couple of years before you get a result. Sometimes those cases will settle prior to having to go to trial, but a lot of times they have to go to trial because trucking cases often involve very significant injuries and the insurance companies don’t want to pay what those cases are worth.

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