Slip and Fall Recorded Statement

Giving a slip and fall recorded statement to an insurance company will hurt your personal injury claim. Call our office for legal advice.

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Should I speak to insurance companies after a slip and fall accident?


Slip and Fall Recorded StatementWe are often asked by people whether they should give a recorded statement to an insurance company after they have been injured in a slip and fall accident. The answer to this question is no. While you should speak with the manager on duty to make an incident report immediately after your fall, don’t ever speak to the insurance company on your own without an attorney.
While you may think you are helping your claim, what you are doing is the exact opposite. Insurance companies use trained claims examiners to ask questions in a way that will lead to misleading answers and make it much more difficult for you to prove your claim going forward. There’s nothing to be gained from this process. You have no obligation to give such a statement. If you are not represented by an attorney and asked to give one of these statements, don’t do so.

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