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Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer?

If you have been contacted by an insurance company following an accident, you may be wondering, “Should I accept the first settlement offer?”


Should I accept the first settlement offer for my Georgia personal injury case?


When we reach the point of negotiating to resolve a claim for our clients, one of the first things clients want to know is whether they should take the insurance company’s first offer. In almost every situation, the answer to this question is no. Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer? One of the reasons that we spend so much time building our cases and preparing them for trial at the Gunnels Injury Law is that we want to be prepared to persuade the instance company to put their best offer on the table. That never happens at first. We have to use the information that we have gathered and present it in a form that’s persuasive to the insurance company; that may involve a process of mediation before we even get to the point of going to court.

In situations in which the insurance company has a policy for its insured that is less than the amount of compensation that is clearly due in a case, the insurance company will often put the full value of that policy on the table at the outset because they can be held liable or responsible for any amounts over that if they don’t do so in a prompt fashion. That is about the only time that an insurance company is going to put a fair offer on the table at the beginning of the negotiating process. It’s important to make sure that you have representation that understands this process and understands how to build and present a case. If you have a case that needs to be evaluated, please give us a call at the Gunnels Injury Law .

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