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Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

Are you concerned that your loved one has been injured due to negligence? Watch this video about reporting nursing home abuse in Georgia.


How do I report nursing home abuse in Atlanta?


One of the most troubling scenarios we see now in Georgia and across the country is the matter of elder abuse, which often involves negligence in nursing homes. Reporting Nursing Home Abuse Older people who have lost their senses or ability to take care of themselves are some of the most at-risk people that we have in our society, and it’s important that we’re diligent in looking out for their interests. If you believe that you have seen evidence of a situation where an elder is being abused in some fashion, whether or not in a nursing home, it’s imperative that you report that to proper authorities.

One way to do that in the state of Georgia is by going to This site provides you all the resources you need to report instances of elder abuse to the authorities assigned to investigate them. Another thing you can do is contact a personal injury attorney who has experience in working with elder abuse and nursing home issues so that they can help you both with the reporting process and in determining if you may have a personal injury claim arising from this matter of elder abuse, whether or not it involves a nursing home.

If you believe you have one of these situations, please give us a call as soon as you can within the process so that we can start gathering evidence and doing everything we need to do to protect the at-risk person in this situation.

If your loved one was seriously injured due to nursing home negligence in Georgia, you may have questions about reporting nursing home abuse.
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