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Pedestrian Accident Recorded Statement

Giving a pedestrian accident recorded statement to an insurance company will have a negative effect on your Georgia personal injury claim.


Should I speak to an insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


When pedestrian on motor vehicle collisions occur and insurance companies get involved, one of the first things the insurance company tries to do is get a recorded statement from the pedestrian who was injured. Pedestrian Accident Recorded Statement One of the first things our clients will always ask us if we should talk to the insurance company. The answer in that situation is always no. We don’t ever want our clients talking directly to the insurance companies or giving recorded statements. First, they have no obligation to do that; second, doing so can often be detrimental to the case because they are talking with trained investigators who ask questions in a way that are designed to get the injured party to give answers that may be misleading or not fully accurate.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian on motor vehicle incident and you need help navigating your claim, please give us a call as soon as possible so we can help you with issues involving an insurance company’s desire to take a recorded statement and all other issues involved with preserving evidence and presenting your case.

If you or a loved one were struck by a vehicle while walking in Georgia, you may have questions about giving a pedestrian accident recorded statement.
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