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Negligent Security Case Value

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How much is my negligent security claim worth?


The first step in determining case value is to determine the extent of the injuries that the person has received. If a person has received an injury that’s going to fully heal, Negligent Security Case Value that case doesn’t have nearly the value of a claim in which someone is not going to heal. A person has to go through their treatment and know if they are going to recover, and if they’re not going to recover, to what extent they’re going to have a disability, before you can begin to even look at what the value of their claim is. Once you have that information, we look toward what Georgia law allows a person who’s been injured by the negligence of another to recover. Basically, we have two categories of damages we’re looking at. The first one is called special damages. Those are easy to calculate, as they include the cost of medical expenses and lost wages.

The harder part is the evaluation of what is called non-economic damages. Those are things such as pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of your life. These typically have an extraordinary amount of value. Those are things that have to be determined before you can really get into what the value of your claim is. Another thing to look at is the duty and reasonable action that a property owner has to make sure their patrons are safe. Proving that is not always easy. It’s not easy to prove what someone knew in the past and, in a lot of instances, if you don’t jump on the case right away and have someone that knows what they’re doing, once the business learns that they have a potential lawsuit coming towards them, a lot of evidence has the tendency to mysteriously disappear. From the outset of one of these cases, if you think you have a claim, immediately consult an attorney and get the attorney involved to make sure things are done to preserve all the evidence that’s going to be needed.

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