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Motorcycle Accident Case Value

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How much is my motorcycle accident claim worth?


When we have clients come into our office who are looking for help in dealing with injuries associated with a motorcycle wreck, one of the first things they want to know is how much their case is worth. Motorcycle Accident Case Value In looking at the value of these cases, there’s no magic formula that can determine what the claim is worth. What you need to look at are things such as the severity and permanence of the injury, the amount of medical expenses that you have incurred, lost wages and missed time from work, and to what extent your life has been disrupted because of these injuries.

Another thing that drives the value of these cases, unfortunately, is the amount of liability insurance coverage that the at-fault driver has. Most of these cases come down to insurance coverage and the amount of coverage. In Georgia, you’re only required to have $25,0000 of insurance coverage for incidents that you cause in which you harm someone else. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and you have someone who only has $25,000 of coverage, unless you’ve protected yourself with your own uninsured motorist coverage, you’re going to be stuck with that amount. That’s another thing that goes into driving the value of these injuries. The best thing to do, if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck and you want to pursue a claim, is to immediately hire a personal injury attorney who can guide you through this process and make sure that all the right things are being done to set your claim up in the best possible way.

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