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Medical Malpractice Recorded Statement

Giving a medical malpractice recorded statement to an insurance company will hurt your personal injury claim. Call our office for legal advice.
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Should I speak with insurance companies about my medical malpractice claim?


Medical Malpractice Recorded StatementWhen someone is injured in a medical malpractice incident, they are often asked by the insurance carrier for the responsible party to give a recorded statement on their claims of what occurred. We are often asked by our clients whether it is a good idea to give these recorded statements. The answer is always no. While you may think this will help your case, the exact opposite is true. Insurance companies will use trained claims examiners who know to ask questions in a way that can lead to misleading and vague answers that could harm your case in the future. Don’t ever give a recorded statement to an insurance carrier without a lawyer present. There’s nothing that can be gained from this and it can only harm your case. You have no obligation to give such a statement.

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