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Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

When choosing a truck accident attorney in Atlanta, you need someone with experience and dedication. Call our office to schedule a free consultation.
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What should I look for when choosing a truck accident attorney?


A really difficult time in a person’s life can be when they have been injured as the result of a motor vehicle collision that is caused by a commercial truck. Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney There are some very specific things you need to look for in hiring a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in one of these accidents. The first thing is experience. Working up a commercial truck case is not the same as working up a car wreck case. There are many different things that go into consideration because of the way the laws are structured in regard to commercial truck drivers. Commercial truck drivers are professional drivers, so there are a lot more stringent regulations that go into operating those vehicles. There is a lot of federal regulation that you have to work through in order to be able to properly handle a commercial truck case. We have experience in handling these types of wrecks and working through all of the relevant information in order to properly work up a commercial truck wreck case.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want a law firm that has been able to deliver results in these types of cases. It’s important to know that the law firms or attorneys that you’re talking to know their way around these cases and aren’t going to be figuring it out as they go. Another thing to make sure that you understand about these cases is you want an attorney who has experience taking commercial truck wreck cases to trial. Often, commercial truck wreck cases rely significantly more on expert witnesses than a general car wreck case. You need an attorney who has experience with those types of experts and with presenting these cases to a jury. You’re not looking for an attorney who will just work these cases up without the requisite experts and take an insurance company’s best offer, regardless of whether it’s a good resolution for you or not. You want to have an attorney that you know will take a case all the way to trial, if necessary. Sometimes you need a jury to force these insurance companies to give you a fair resolution to your injury claim.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a commercial vehicle wreck in Georgia and have questions about choosing a truck accident attorney? Contact the experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Gunnels Injury Law today to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Out of Town Legal Resources Many times we hear from people injured in other areas of the country. While we don’t practice in Texas, we have found some personal injury lawyers in San Antonio, TX who could be very helpful. They have created a lot of great online educational resources that you or someone you love may find valuable if you have been hurt in a truck accident in Texas. Take a look at their online truck accident resource page.