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Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

When choosing a bicycle accident attorney in Atlanta, you need someone with experience and dedication. Contact our office today for a free consultation.
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What should I look for when choosing a bicycle accident attorney?


We are often asked by potential clients how to pick the right attorney for a bicycle injury case. The main consideration is that you must have an attorney who has experience handling bicycle accident claims. Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney Bicyclists have their own rules of the road. It’s important to know what those rules are in order to successfully work up these cases. If an attorney does not handle these cases on a regular basis and does not know what to look for and what laws and pressure points to apply, they’re never going to be able to get the best compensation for your injury claim. At Gunnels Injury Law , we have handled numerous bicycle injury cases. We have been able to achieve very successful results because we know how to work these cases up.

It is also important to have an attorney who knows how the insurance system works. All of these cases are insurance-based cases. Before switching sides and beginning to represent individuals who needed help receiving compensation for injuries, I spent many years working for these insurance companies. I know how the system works. I know what it takes to get cases through the system. I know what it takes to get the best offers possible. I also know how hard they are going to work to minimize the compensation you receive. Now, I can put my experience with these companies to work for you to help you achieve the best possible result. Another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for a personal injury attorney is that you always need to have an attorney who has demonstrated he or she will take a case to trial if an insurance company does not give you a reasonable offer. Most cases settle before trial, but in some instances, insurance companies take positions that are just not reasonable and they will not offering you fair compensation. You need an attorney who will take a case to trial and present it to a jury to help you get the best possible compensation. Here at Gunnels Injury Law , we spend a significant amount of our time at trial. We know how to take a case through trial and present it in a way that leads to effective results. We want to make sure that insurance companies always know we are not just going to take the best offer they give. They know that we will take a case to trial and make a jury hold them accountable when it is necessary.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured while riding a bike in Georgia and have questions about choosing a bicycle accident attorney? Contact the experienced Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers at Gunnels Injury Law today to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Out of Town Resources These Texas Bicycle Accident Lawyers have done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with a bicycle accident claim in Texas, we recommend you take a look at their website.