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Bicycle Accident Claim with Minimal Medical Bills

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Do I need a minimum amount of medical bills to file a bicycle accident claim?


Bicycle Accident Claim with Minimal Medical BillsWhen we have clients come in who have been injured in bicycle collisions, one of the things they want to know is if there is a minimum amount of medical expenses they need to have incurred in order to file a personal injury claim. The answer to that is it really depends. We can’t get too caught up on the amount of medical expenses in evaluating a good personal injury claim. One example of a personal injury claim that would be a good claim that did not have a lot of medical expenses, especially in a bicycle matter, would be where someone had sustained a significant amount of road rash or cuts that required stitching. Scarring, especially substantial scarring, can be very valuable cases, but they don’t incur a lot of medical expenses because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get medical treatment for road rash or stitches.

There are also other instances where you may have a million dollars in medical expenses, but it’s unclear who was responsible for the wreck. There’s dispute over liability. That case may have no value at all. It’s important not to get caught up on worrying about what the amount of the medical expenses incurred is and evaluate the injuries themselves, especially when those are permanent injuries. Even if they’re relatively minor, permanent injuries certainly have more compensable value than temporary injuries.

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